What is Personal Development?

It’s Human nature that we always want to improve our life. The problem starts when we start to get demotivated due to failure in our lives.

Self Improvement is the process of making yourself better or gaining more knowledge, in other words, the action to improve you is self-improvement.

Self Development is a vast subject and it will be unfair If we define it formally by just saying Self Development means to gain more knowledge or Earn money.
I read many books and attended many lectures on Self-development to understand the true meaning of Self Development.
Let’s divide Self Development into different branches to understand it in the depth, Self-development includes Wealth, Knowledge, Attitude, Work, Relationship, friendships, Ideas of a person and it all needs to be improved.

Wrong Self Development affecting Your Health

If you want to do Self Development you need to make sure that you are not driving it wrong.
For Example, if you working very hard to earn more money then you need to work on the strategy. i.e. If you working hard then the same time you need to look after your health.
I have my personal life experience to share, I was working 16 to 18 hours a day and earning more money but at the same time, my relationship starts to weaken and my health too. At one stage I lost everything so that where I learn that I am driving the Self Development wrong.
I am not against working hard. What I want to explain is we should to choose the right strategy at the right time.
I am very happy today Because I worked on the right strategy at the right time.

When to start Self  Development?
A common question that is in everybody’s mind is when to start self-improvement, well there is no need to wait for the New Year to start self Improvement, You can start it anytime.

Why Self Improvement is Important?

Self Improvement helps us to figure out where we stand in life. It’s an excuse/reason to improve your talent, realize your dreams and take a step forward in life.

What are the Books for Self Development?
I am inspired by many Book writers but when it comes to Self Development the best Book I will say is to stand in front of the mirror and Read Yourself.
It’s important that you have a will to improve yourself.No one can help you but you.

 Some Important Tips that can help you in the process of Self Development


Don’t try to be perfect

Be Real

Delete the word (IF)

Be Positive

Know your Strength

Appreciate Life

Fight with your evil presence

Review and revise your development

Be Confident

Stay Strong and Live Healthily


Stop making excuses to yourself,

I don’t have time,

I don’t know where to start,

I will start tomorrow and that tomorrow will never come.

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